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Hi Madie: We have some pictures of Bambo that we took fairly recently, and thought you might want to see a few. So here they are! 


Ricky and Lucy

Rescued from a situation of too many cats and owners moving, Their situation looked bleak until Liz and her family adopted them. Brother and sister are now living in New Jersey and doing fine. They love their new homes and each other. You know what they say...hugs are good medicine.


When Cath, now known as Sandy, came to Every Cat Counts, she was very shy and timid. Alberta and her family took one look at her, and she looked at them, and it was a real love fest. She lay in her new dad's arms and looked like she had been there for years. Thanks to this wonderful family for taking a chance on a hard to place shy kitten. As you can see from the picture she really is home.


Dear Madie,

This is my latest picture of Cocoa, she is doing great, she has been to the vet twice so far and everything is fine, she is gaining weight and the vet is pleased with her. Our other child Mocha is really getting along well with her now and they play together, yet she thinks she deserves a swat every once and a while when she gets out of line. Thank you for letting us adopt her.


Bella is doing fine. She loves play time at training class and is doing a pretty good job with it...maybe better than I am, but I am working on it too! I have a new job (which was my hopes with getting a new dog!) I won't be doing aftercare or before care and I will be able to come home at the end of the regular school day whenever I have to, need to, or want to! I am now working in the Marlboro School District. Shaun, Bella, and I are all very happy and so in love! She is a sweet dog. Even when she still has her puppy moments or acts needy, we remember how lucky we are and how great she really is! We are so lucky and even other people comment on it.


Hi Madie,

Things are great (with Smokey). He's excellent in the house and appears more playful and active. He is also excellent with little kids which I didn't expect. We have some 9-10 year old neighbors that love to pet him when they see us walk. He was also great around our 5 year old nieces. Here is the latest pic of us taken in late November. Lori

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