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Our Mission

Every Cat Counts was founded on the belief that cats and indeed all animals are inherently important and precious.

They are essential to the world and the rhythm of life. It should be our business not only to marvel at their uniqueness and beauty, but to protect them, even if from ourselves.

Our Goals

Every Cat Counts seeks to educate the public about the necessity of spaying and neutering your pets since we all must help to eliminate the crisis of pet overpopulation that exists today.

Every Cat Counts will assist you with information about Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) techniques for those wanting to humanely control colonies of feral cats in their communities.

Every Cat Counts will support those who open their hearts and homes to any special needs animal. These animals will give you a lifetime of love.


There are many healthy cats and dogs waiting to be your companion and enrich your life. We will help in finding a cat or dog that's best suited for you.

Our animals are in foster care so please contact us to arrange a meeting with an adoptable cat or dog.  

We are located near the Capitol District of NY State.

Adopt Cookie

This is Cookie. 2 years young, spayed, UTD on shots. Big girl at 10 lbs. Abandoned by owners, refused to take her back after I took her to be altered. She's fiesty, gives love bites. Good with friendly dogs.

PO Box 12
Brainard, NY 12024

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (845) 464-6642